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Sunday, 5 October 2008

More Bill Cunningham

Fashion in the rain

what a fantastic thing - to take such pleasure in your work, after 50 years.

More about him, here


servizio said...

Linda -
i've just posted a comment to your Saturday piece on Bill. To my mind, what sets him apart is his delight not just in fashion but in people first and foremost, with all their life, colour, style, eccentricity and determination to impart a little glamour to their lives. Have you seen his piece on the Farmers Market in Union Square (May 15, 2008)? And just listen to the way he pronounces "lilacs". I love this man.

Linda Grant said...

I have decided to ration myself to one Bill a day, to give each one a few minutes of pure pleasure. You're quite right, it's people he loves not the frocks. What an inspiration!

Marian D said...

Yikes! I've just posted under my work account by mistake. "Servizio" should have been "Marian D".

materfamilias said...

There's another recent photo of Bill Cunningham (chatting to Carine Roitfield) over at Geraldine's Café Mode:

Anonymous said...

I have been a long time fan of Bill Cunnigham. His comments and his voice remind me of Alistair Cook and his unforgettable Letters from America.


Anonymous said...

I actually preferred the pre-Web days when it was just the pictures. I find his voice and commentary a bit distracting.

But I always fantasized about dressing like a real New York woman who could be a deserving subject of a Cunningham photograph.

phyllis said...

Ah yes - his wonderful voice! He has a classic Boston Brahmin accent, one that is increasing rare, even around here.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, well, running around New York snapping pics of chicks is not the most demanding photographer's challenge.

Besides, there is a dog with a yellow poncho - his awner wears Crocs. The horror of it!

Duchesse said...

I love the brio in his voice, at 72; thanks for giving me a new life goal.

Lovely to see you 'get' Bill.