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Monday, 20 October 2008

Large woman + Puccini

Hilary Alexander at the Telegraph has a piece and video about Marina Rinaldi, the larger size label of MaxMara. They have a shop on Bond Street and go from UK size 12 - 26, but as this shoot demonstrates, and as I have noted whenever I have tried anything on, they tend to design for the tall and voluptuous rather than the narrow shouldered, and big-hipped.


phyllis said...

The same complaint has been made against the pattern companies. For example, Vogue Patterns largest size is 24, which is about a 26 in U.S. RTW. The bust size is 46 inches, and the back waist length, a crucial measurement on a woman, is 17.5 inches!

Deja Pseu said...

I stopped into Marina Rinaldi a few weeks ago (I'm a US 10/UK 14) and the Sales Associate immediately said, "oh I'm afraid you're probably too small for our clothes." (heh, first time I'd ever heard THAT.) Apparently they get very limited stock in the smaller end of their range, so I browsed a bit but didn't try anything on. There was one buttery leather jacket I would've skipped rent to buy, had they had it in my size.

metscan said...

What a beautiful young woman. These clothes are perfect for her. Lots of fabric, loose cuts,very well done. Why do so many women with flesh around their bodies insist wearing clothes, that obviously are too tight,too small for them?

Toby Wollin said...

And, as per usual, zip for the short and thick. Sigh.

Gi said...

The irony is that the short and thick do like clothes that cover their short and thick.

A few years back i worked for a retail mass-market brand's corp. strategies for plus sizes. Two interesting notes:

1) merchandisers/designers put detailing at the bottom of pants (pant legs) and made the pants shorter intentionally - big ladies ususally would wear T-shirts to cover up their mid section/bum so detailing at the pant's bottom legs make sense.

2) Wrap tops, while flattering, do not sell for plus sized women. apparently they are uncomfortable.

Belle de Ville said...

I prefer the look of another Italian fashion icon, Sophia Loren.
Where are the kind of clothes that made her look so Va Va Voom?

rb said...

As a tall and voluptuous woman, I disagree with your take on Marina Rinaldi, as I have never been able to find anything there that looks good on me. I'm 5'10" and wear a US 14/16, have a large chest, even larger hips and a defined waist. If I don't emphasize my waist in some way I look at least two sizes larger.

I find that most everything at Marina Rinaldi seems to be cut for more of an apple shape.

I know you can't please everyone, and many plus sized women are apple shaped. Just not me. I do agree with you though that these styles also don't suit a narrow shouldered, large hipped body.