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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

How it all panned out

Still no party dress shot

Thanks to all of you who offered your best wishes for last night. I didn't win, it was always a one in six chance, but on one index, I was the outright winner. I was the only shortlisted author to have walked away with a free Ossie Clark dress. Oh, and we all got a cheque for £2500 just for being shortlisted

In the afternoon Mary Greenwell did my make-up, and obviously I now understand that there's a bit more to it than I'd thought. Do you want red carpet makeup she asked me? No, I said. Yes, you do, she replied firmly.

She emails me to say that she would like to recommend to readers some products which she used on me:
Radiant Immediate Lift by Sisley. The foundation was Suqqu cream foundation in colour 02 available from Selfridges .This is my new fave product of ALL TIME Under eye lift by Dior skinflash in colour 1 .
Powder Armarni pressed powder in transperant

At the after party, Harry was very amused to find several people accosting him and asking him if he was Harry Fenton. Though one regular reader said she had imagined him more like Tyer Brulee.

UPDATE It now turns out Harry thinks he does look like Tyler Brulee. He does in the same way that I bear a close resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow (see picture above)


Wendy Hutton said...

So where's the photo of you in your glamorous make-up, dress, shoes and clutch bag? After following the planning for what seems like weeks, I'm just dying to see the result. I hope you had a superb evening — winning ain't everything!

Judith in Umbria said...

It isn't 6 to 1 odds, you were there on odds of all the books published in the UK against one! That made you already a huge winner. You won not only that check, but sales to tons of us who order everything on the major prize short lists.

I congratulate you.

Phyllis said...

Darn. I was all poised to hit "send" on your updated Wikipedia entry too...but now you're firmly in the Major Leagues, which is the best part.

And yeah - were are the photos girlfriend?

Bronwyn said...

Just to make you feel marginally richer, I shall go and BUY your book, rather than get it out of the library. Even though I have no more room on the bookshelves.
And yes - where is the fancy photo?

Toby Wollin said...

You are being very gracious this morning about this; I, on the other hand, would not be so gracious, even with the Ossie Clark dress. However, from a PR standpoint, this brings you and your books to a much greater audience, people who had never picked you up before and THAT is definitely worth a great deal. Bravo.(and oh, yeah...we're looking for the pix)

Anonymous said...

Can you be short-listed next year as well please? I rather enjoyed all that.

miss cavendish said...

I wouldn't want to read one of Gwynnie's novels, though. Thanks for taking your readers on this marvelous journey with you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't win but I know you had a fabulous night. heard the winner being interviewed on Today this morning and he sounded a sweetheart. I loved his quip, when asked what he intended to do with the money, that what he should do is find a bank to deposit it where it'll be safe!


Duchesse said...

You have achieved more than I'd presume to dream of. "One winner" is an odd and inaccurate system.

greying pixie said...

Yes, thanks indeed for taking us with you on your wonderful journey of preparation. And well done for getting as far as you did with your book. Who knows what may happen next time? In the meantime I've just put The Cast Iron Shore on my reading pile to be picked up very soon. Well done again!

desertwind said...

So Harry was your date? Did you dance the night away?

Wasn't there television coverage? Maybe you'll wind up on YouTube!

Many congratulations on your nomination (and the US sale). We're eagerly awaiting the next book.

Marti said...

Where were the press? I have been searching all over the web for a picture of you and your fabulous outfit.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the book.

As Miss Cavendish said, Thanks for taking us with you!

fay said...

My thanks too for so generously sharing your Booker experiences with us.

Now where is that photo???

(In reply to an earlier commenter, alas it was not me on that Edinburgh-London train in September.)

Wendy Hutton said...

I may be a bit obtuse, but I'm not sure WHICH is your favourite product. You wrote (punctuation sic) "The foundation was Suqqu cream foundation in colour 02 available from Selfridges .This is my new fave product of ALL TIME Under eye lift by Dior skinflash in colour 1."

Is it the foundation or the eye lift that's your favourite product?

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to a snap of you in the full kit. Until then, I will read your book, and hopefully make it to your reading on the West Coast in a little over a week.

Linda Grant said...

It's the foundation. Not my favourite product, Mary's