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Friday, 26 September 2008

My fashion hell

An update on the what shall I wear to the ball dilemma. In the last episode (see passim) I had bought an Issey Myake Pleats Please jacket but after several tryings on realised it just wasn't going to do. It's now gone back to Liberty. At Hadley Freeman's suggestion, I went to Donna Karan's flagship store in Mayfair which had a grand total of one dress with sleeves in my size and it wasn't suitable for a black tie event.

When Cinderella was invited to the ball by her fairy godmother, if I remember rightly it was mice who stayed up all night to fashion her gown.

Last week, during London Fashion Week, I emailed my friend Avsh Alom Gur, creative director at Ossie Clark but of course he was too busy to reply. I now have word that he can make me a couture garment. My appointment is Monday afternoon. I must bring the shoes I plan to wear and my 'underpinnings' - do you think he means Spanx?


Anonymous said...

How exciting!! this feels well deserved, too. Yes it was the mice and the birds -- in the Disney version anyway. I'd thought of Cinderella and fairy godmothers earlier in your saga. -K

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Anonymous said...

And the Ossie Clark collection has sleeves. Lots of sleeves.

Judith in Umbria said...

I am dismayed that someone so intellectually capable is so worried about what to wear to the party. Seek again your post on Albert Einstein. I think you will look prettier than Albert no matter what you wear. Very likely you will be the only author attending who is wearing a designer frock.
My favorite author and my idol wears pretty terrible clothes. She's still a genius and you very well may be too.

Samantha said...

Okay first - He does not mean 'Spankx' (unless you plan to wear them). He needs you to wear what you intend to wear under your dress. He needs this because if he fits you and you change bras, then the dress won't fit properly - if at all. I once had a client do that to me, and it was terribly embarrassing for both of us - for me because my garment did not sit well and was sliding down, and for her because the garment was sliding down. So make sure to wear the bra (and whatever else) you plan to wear.

Secondly, why is it that enjoying clothing and wearing garments you love is considered incompatible with intelligence?

Raj said...

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phyllis said...

What Samantha said, definitely! Make sure you wear your best fitting bra too. You'll need to do this for each fitting. The first visit will probabley be just a design discussion and they'll take your measurements (about 20, maybe more.) The more specific you can be about what you want, the better, but I have a feeling you know pretty well want you want, which is good.

miss cavendish said...

This sounds like a treat. I've had a dress made for me only once, but I loved the process--the muslin fittings, the thrill of seeing something I sketched take physical shape. Enjoy!

Toby Wollin said...

Yay - and if you have any doubts about how your bra fits, go get a fitting and new one at a specialty store as well. (and I think, if you were planning on wearing Spanx, you should wear them for the fitting as well) Bravo - you will finally get something you want and that you will love.

Deja Pseu said...

Oh my gosh, that's fabulous!!

Linda Grant said...

I certainly will be the only author in a designer frock, I'm the only woman on the shortlist.

Arabella said...

When you attend the fitting, you will present your depth. Mr Gur will attend to your surface.

Marti said...

For those of us who live our lives vicariously through you, please post the process!

We are all so happy for you!

Geraldine said...

Yes, Linda. You must tell all!

california dreamer said...

The whole point of The Thoughtful Dresser is that dressing well and intelligence are not incompatible. I say, pull no punches--give them the designer dress AND the brains, and they won't know what hit them.

This saga reminds me more of Sleeping Beauty, whose fairy godmothers botched her dress so badly they had to use their magic wands to pull it all together. Here's hoping Mr. Gur has the magic to make it all work for you.

dana said...

What a wonderful solution to a marvelous problem!

Rose said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you found a solution! :) I think that a couture outfits suits the occasion -- I have no doubts that you will look spectacular. Rose in SV

desertwind said...

Right on, Linda!

desertwind said...

PS - Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that "judith in umbria" took umbrage?

Anyhooooooo -- Our Dear Fairy Princess, what shoes are you gonna wear?

Fay said...

I knew it would work out. I said a few posts ago that you would look stunning, and you will! Can't wait to see what he comes up with. You will keep us updated, won't you?

Duchesse said...

I speak for many when I say we can't wait to see The Dress. Delighted that you're celebrating your spectacular achievement with a couture dress.

And once again heartfelt congratulations.

mq, cb said...

I liked Hadley Freeman's answer to your question, even though she offered no solution.

Anonymous said...


Oh, I think Judith has a point, but it doesn't really apply here. All the time I read things by women who complain about sexism while subtly or not so subtly reinforcing it.

But the inability to find an appropriate, flattering garment at a reasonable price is a ridiculous problem, and while superficially superficial and female, it is worth discussing.

True, women often contribute to the problem by not pushing back against the fashion industry or men, but the complicated nature of simply getting dressed remains a real problem.

A man can buy a few well-tailored suits and shirts and a nice pair of shoes (if he has a fancy job) and he's done. If he wants to do more, that's up to him. Incredibly, women still don't have that option.

Anonymous said...

"My favorite author and my idol wears pretty terrible clothes. She's still a genius and you very well may be too."

Not every author is like Iris Murdoch, nor does every Iris Murdoch have a John Bayley.