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Thursday, 25 September 2008


And many more, here


greying pixie said...

India is such a country of extremes, it is difficult to take an unsuccessful photo there! Before my first visit to India over 20 years ago I was warned that it would change my life.

Duchesse said...

This photo and the rest of the series is stunning, thank you for pointing me toward it. A month in India changed my life.

yasho said...


Lovely photos, and two from my part of the world/India.

I only wish you hadnt tagged the Hindu/Muslim labels all through, it shows how little you know of the country...

Consider the foto of the henna-adorned hand...the Muslims are the ones who use henna even more than the Hindus,they even have a pre-marriage ceremony called henna-ceremony, which is now adopted by the Hindus as well as a major marriage event...there is nothing to distinguish the hand in the foto as a 'Hindu' one.

I wonder why you left out the Christian celebrations, especially in Goa and Kerala? There are lovely New Year Carnivals and Christmas processions attended by the residents of the area, regardless of their religion. In Kerala, where I live, we hang the Christmas stars in almost all the homes, come December. We also order Christmas Cakes for our homes, and have fun with fireworks just like we celebrate Deepavali or Onam...I agree there is a lot of vandalism going on, but that is all politics and not the sentiment of the average Indian...I regard the changes with fear, but at least for the present, our minds arent Hindu, Muslim or Christian, it's Indian...The fotos are awsome, I agree..

by the way, here is wishing you all the best for your Booker results.