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Saturday, 16 August 2008

US stores that do not ship internationally

A useful guide here

Who ships to Canada (and other countries where indicated)
American Eagle- Ships to Canada, but not other destinations
eBaywww- Make sure to check where the seller ships BEFORE bidding must call 1-888-888-4757 must call 001-1-513-573-8170 for international shipping Bluefly ships to the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland. (other countries via Access-USA)
YOOX.COM- ships pretty much to every country in the world and (via AccessUSA)
Bare Necessities- Ships to Canada. (via i’s UK site)
Torrid.comwww- Ships to most international destinations Ships to Canada Only. Must have a Canadian Billing and Shipping Address.
J Crew to Canada and Japan only

Who doesn’t ship to Canada

You might think what with the credit crunch they'd be begging for our funny foreign money, but no.


Deja Pseu said...

It doesn't make sense to me either, but then some UK online retailers don't ship to the states. Maybe the shipping costs are prohibitive? I sold a handbag to someone in Canada recently and it cost me $30 to send it from the states.

Linda Grant said...

Yes, shipping costs are high, plus you have to pay customs duties. But then again, it's the customer who is paying those costs, not the stores.

Anonymous said...

Zappos ships to Canada through their canadian (or international)site. Others do too: Anthropologie.
We can also shop at: JC Penney, RevolveClothing, Asos, Netaporter, Victoriasecret, chickdowntown, Frenchconnection, etc. And yes, to bad that Saks, Macy's and Nordstrom don't ship here...

Linda Grant said...

From time to time I get keen-as-mustard emails from US fashion companies who want to link up with this site. When you ask them if they ship internationally, all goes quiet.

dana said...

It's so we can keep more stuff for ourselves, natch.;)

Rhiannon said...

Last week I was so driven to despair by the shoe-drought in New Zealand and Zappos' refusal to ship internationally that I almost considered one of those appallingly expensive mail forwarding things. Stopped myself just in time. I don't understand why they don't ship internationally - we the customer pay the costs and frankly, there's thousands upon thousands of us out there who would merrily buy and buy and buy if they did.


rosaria said...

...which is why my relatives in NYC are invaluable. My purchases are sent to them, where they are gift-wrapped as birthday presents (I have two birthdays a year...) and I haven't paid any duty so far.

One day my luck might run out.

Not sure why anyone would bother to mail order from Target though, even if they could, it's only Target.

I have a partner in crime who buys daywear several times a year from Victoria's Secret and she's skimmed under the radar and avoided paying customs as well.

TheSundayBest said...

Hang on...are you Canadian? Or just doing a great service to us Canadian readers?

The extra cost of shipping to Canada for some stores basically means they don't ship here - I can't pay $29 shipping for a $36 wallet.

Champ2244 said...

I use Bongo International

They have some of the best rates and I think they have the best technology of all the other parcel forwarding companies in the US. I have used them to purchase through Zappos, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Burton, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon.

Craig Turnbull said...

Linda, I'm not sure if you are aware of international parcel forwarding services. They establish an address in the US in your name where you can have purchases forwarded to, consolidated and shipped internationally. I work for BongoUS. There is a good demo of the service on the home page. If you have any questions, you can contact us at or on live chat between 9-5 EST.

Anonymous said...

I did a little bit of research based off of the post made previously by Bongous and found a much cheaper service through Shipito.

Anonymous said...

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