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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Readers' corner

I have just discovered an excellent new site, The Book Depository which will ship books worldwide for free. While its discounts aren't always quite as good as Amazon, because there are no shipping costs the price often works out the same (and they give you a price comparison). It's extremely useful for books not available in the US.

You'll find The Clothes On Their Backs there, though they don't seem yet to have a pre-order facility for The Thoughtful Dresser - and my limited posting at the moment is down to my rushing to meet the end of the month deadline for delivery of the MS of that book.


Judith van Praag said...

Fantastic tip Linda! I immediately ordered The Clothes on Their Backs and will let you know how delivery to the U.S. is.

greying pixie said...

Linda, I'm just back from a heavenly fortnight in Rome where I took a day to read The Clothes on Their Backs - I couldn't put it down! As a child of Western European immigrants myself and married to a child of Eastern European immigrants , I found your analysis of post war immigration really interesting.

I fully intended to spend my holiday visiting the historical sites, museums and catching the end of the summer sales as well as a bit of posing in bars like a Roman signora and a couple of days on the beach. I've returned to the freezing grey UK with some really lovely and inexpensive clothes and, thanks to your book, a better knowledge of Eastern European history and several pairs of really smart Italian leather gloves!

Linda Grant said...

That's lovely to hear. Very pleased to hear about the gloves.

Mary said...

Just wanted to say that I too read 'The clothes on their backs' while away for a few days - and also loved it! Sadly I wasn't in Rome - and little chance of interesting purchases (or indeed high culture) where I was - a beach 'hut' in Britain! But the few days were great and the book was brilliant!
Has inspired me to read the book about Rachman too - not immediately, but sometime.
Thank you, Linda.