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Monday, 4 August 2008

The £200 plastic shoes

But they are not Crocs, they are designed by architect Zaha Hadid and are ecological and only available from Dover Street Market in Mayfair and will be launched at Fashion Week. They come in eight colours including silver.

Too many questions arise, such as how the sweaty-feet question is dealt with (and will your tights slip around inside them?) Or am I being a philistine? At least they have a good heel for walking.


StyleSpy said...

Is there velcro on the ankle straps? How do they go on?

They're certainly nifty-looking, but yeah... the plastic designer shoe. I have trouble with that one, too. This is why I never even look at Stella McCartney shoes. Call me bourgeoise, but for $700, I want leather, even if it's just skinny strips of leather held together with some buckles.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

To deal with sweaty feer, by Crocs. Come cheaper and in a lot of colors.

Anonymous said...

They are not crocs, but they may as well be! Perhaps as they are the work of Ms Hadid, they are sculptural and not meant to be worn (she says hopefully).

Belle de Ville said...

Exactly how are these shoes ecological?

Judith van Praag said...

Gosh, I'd snatch those Hadid shoes in a sec if they'd cross my path. They'd suffer the same fate as a pair of Anna Marie Beretta (Michelin style basketball) boots I loved but couldn't stand to wear, what with neuroma (no that's not a pudding) plantar fasciitis and all the nastiness that comes with having danced into the small hours on high, high heels. I'd be proud to put them on display. If anything it shows my visitors I wasn't always the sensible shoe type.

Check out the video that shows the building of the giant Hadid sandal prop