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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Pure cashmere half price

So do you want 50% on a wide selection of the world's finest summer-weight cashmere!

Obviously, you do.


greying pixie said...

I don't consider Pure cashmere to be anywhere near the best in the world - somewhere in the middle perhaps, above M&S and Asda perhaps but nowhere near Ballantyne, TSE, or Jaeger. I also find I'm a size 14 in Pure, whereas I'm a 12 in the better brands.

The best cashmere I've ever worn is my TSE twinset (actually man's sweater and matching cardigan) which I've had for 10 years and it's still going strong.

Linda Grant said...

I agree that TSE is amazing but it's a lot more expensive and Pure has very good colours and designs

greying pixie said...

Linda, you're right, the Pure colours are lovely especially that rich deep orange they do. Next time TSE have a sample sale at London College of Fashion I'll e-mail your agent if you're interested.

Deja Pseu said...

I picked up two Pure sweaters when they had their winter sale, and I find their cashmere is of excellent quality for everyday wear. It doesn't pill or sag. If I weren't on a buying moratorium right now, I'd be all over that sale. said...

I've actually found that consumers are buying less cashmere and more wool and cotton this season because our economy is pretty bad right now. I'm a cashmere fan, but found that it tends to die after a year of continual wear, especially sweaters from Polo. What's your pick for longest lasting cashmere?

greying pixie said...

It's true that since 2005 there has been some very dodgy cashmere around. This was when certain GATT trade agreements came to an end and China was free to flood the global market with exports. Most of this poor quality cashmere comes from China, but so does a lot of high market cashmere. TSE is Chinese, although they are based in New York. Even the fibres used by the Scottish and Italian spinners originally comes from China.

I think it's true to say that you get what you pay for with cashmere. Also I find that men's cashmere sweaters tend to be a bit harder wearing. I think the hardest wearing are TSE, Shirin Guild and Ballantyne, which is just as well as they can cost around £500, which is the equivalent of 4 or 5 Pure sweaters. There again, an investment like that will pay off in the end as you will be wearing it for years to come.