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Sunday, 27 July 2008

The new economising

. . . my own much-loved purchase from a previous downturn was a multicoloured Missoni coat, in vivid tangerine and ochre zigzags. It was half price in a sale, though still not cheap, yet it's worked out as one of the most economical purchases I've ever made, because I've worn it thousands of times (thus justifying the cost- per-wear equation). And, though it might sound excessive, I swear it's actually practical, because it's literally over-the-top - you can fling it over a pair of old jeans or on top of a little black dress, and immediately look as if you've made an effort.

Justine Picardie in the Telegraph today


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment about putting effort into dressing well. 99% of the people around me look and dress as though they put no effort into putting themselves together. They look like they just reached into their closets and put on whatever they pulled out. They look like they smell. Whatever became of the notion of having pride in one's appearance and looking polished whenever you go out?

Duchesse said...

That's the dream situation, the "extravagance" that transforms into the value-returning prize. That has happened to me, but so has the eccentric expensive purchase that mocks me from its permanent position in the back of the closet.

Anastasia said...

It's also true for Missoni shawls and scarfs. They are expensive but they are so worth it - I always get complimented when I wear them and they turn simple into spectacular.