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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Mutton dressed as lad

In the piece Harry links to, there is the following observation:

"I'm not sure our readers are clinging to their youth," says David Hepworth, co-founder of The Word with Mark Ellen. "The point is, they don't believe they've ever got old. They'll do what they like until they fall down. Women, for all sorts of body clock reasons, always know exactly how old they are; but men, in their own heads, are perennially 37. What's more, they're blessed with a magical ability to look in the mirror and disregard all the evidence to the contrary."


Kathleen said...

I say "Hurray" for them. The blinders seem also combined with the certainty that they remain irresistible to all females, no matter the age.
More of us women could use the same attitude - I'm sure it would be Great fun.
However, I doubt there would be a newspaper article heralding us, especially if less than movie-star perfect,, like the list of engaging Mutton Lads.

Toby Wollin said...

Yep, many men that age group seem to live in an entirely different reality than we females do.

rb said...

You know how they say fat men look in the mirror and see a thin man, while thin women look in the mirror and see a fat woman?

I think it's that way with age, too.

Duchesse said...

Two types of men strenuously aspire to this effect: those with much younger second or third wives and those recently divorced. The effect's seen less often among long-term happily married men. That's not a criticism.