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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Credit crunch chic, or what to wear for Armageddon

Chanel Haute Couture

Depressing, eh? And here's Dior. Betty Boop meets the Gestapo.
And all this without Victor and Rolf.


karenP said...

Thanks for making me laugh on this dreary morning.

miss cavendish said...

Top left looks like Anna Wintour channeling (Chanelling?) a very large pigeon.

rowan said...

The Dior leather blouson / swimming hat combo will certainly come in handy when we're shivering in our homes next winter, having turned off the heating to avoid exorbitant energy bills!

Anonymous said...

There's at least a dark humor about the Dior looks.

The Chanel is shockingly awful.

They really are depressed in France, aren't they?

-- desertwind

greying pixie said...

desertwind, linda - I've been thinking for quite some time that Lagerfeld has got to go. When was the last time you saw anything decent (by that I mean either visionary or wearable) coming out of Chanel, either couture or RTW? I have no evidence, but a grave suspicioun that their revenue comes from perfume, handbags and the classic jackets sold to Japanese ladies. But they keep on using Lagerfeld's depressing designs. In my opinion he lost the plot years ago. When does his contract end? And for fans of the real Chanel this is even more poignant!

I know for a fact that when YSL sold out his loyal ladies went over to Chanel. What I'd like to know is where do they go now?

With regard to the Dior, in a way it's more acceptable or at least to be expected. Dior has never been synonymous with comfort or easy dressing, whereas Chanel was the epitomy of it, which is why she was able to make such a great comeback at the end of the 1950s. How I weep for her (and us) now!

Linda Grant said...

I couldn't agree more abouyt Lagerfeld. name one original innovative or even beautiful design he has bequeathed us. I ws in the Chanel boutique at Holt Renfew in Toronto ten days ago and I saw absolutely nothing at all but incredibly dated jackets from several seasons ago.

Kai Jones said...

OMG, why didn't someone warn me the 80s are back and want to stuff shoulderpads inside your puff sleeves?

Anonymous said...

F/W 2005 Couture was the last decent Chanel collection.