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Monday, 14 July 2008

AW08 mid-market

The marketing executive of L.K. Bennett has left a comment in my post on the rise of the mid-market. She has provided a link to some of the pieces coming in for Autumn. Go take a look.

There are some very good tops.


Rollergirl said...

This makes sense and also I can see that these brands will do well because there are so few of them in that market. I really rate French Connection and I know they have had a hard time in recent years due to TopShop upping their prices and straddling their market (although I'm not saying TopShop is wholly to blame). When I have bought French Connection I have found the design enduring enough to last more than one season which is essential when you're paying that bit more.
LK Bennett I see as being a bit older/more classic but there's nothing wrong with that, just not my style. I think it's very savvy of LKB's marketing person to weigh in on the discussion.

Deja Pseu said...

Great stuff! I wish we had something comparable in the US. "Mid-market" for anything attempting stylishness is pretty much confined to Banana Republic.

Arabella said...

Deja, I get so frustrated with Banana Reupblic though. While quality is usually consistent, I rarely find colours or patterns that I like - rather, garish motifs, and shades that I think of as bilious (particularly the green and orange here in the States at the moment). I usually pick up an annual black or brown item that lasts but that's it. Cue violins.

Deja Pseu said...

Oh, I agree, Arabella! Everything I own from BR is black or taupe (I do like their suiting separates, especially the Jackson lightweight wool trousers). The prints are garish and the puffy sleeves look like they belong in a 12-year-old's closet. Ixnay on the safari-wear too.

MR style said...

yeah cool shirts !! and well it's the firts time i get to your blog and i have to admit that it's pretty nice and usefull