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Friday, 6 June 2008

Short hiatus

I'm going away for the weekend, to stay with friends who have inherited a small Jacobean manor house in Wiltshire. Well, someone has to inherit these places and it certainly isn't me.

Harry will hold the fort.


Anonymous said...

Curiosity asks: just how small is "a small Jacobean manor house in Wiltshire?"

It sounds lovely.

-- desertwind

phyllis said...

It is far, far better to have good firends with weekend homes, in-ground pools and boats than it is to acutally own them yourself.


lagatta said...

Especially a listed heritage home, except as an investment - "un placement". I do know people who have something of similar vintage in France, if I've got my dynasties right.

Very expensive inheritance... that said, I'd love to see pictures of the manor house and gardens or grounds, if any. I love imagining how the original owners (and their servants and visitors) must have lived, and how it has changed hands in the meantime.