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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Scarves II

Some of you will, I hope, be pleased to hear that Harry Fenton, the sharp dressed man, has agreed to become a regular contributor to these pages.

Last night he showed me some photos from 1970 of himself and his unversity friends. Apart from the fact that all the boys had beards, the other salient characteristic of their wardobe was that they all wore silk scarves.

This is a forgotten era in menswear, and one which we should encourage to return.

UPDATE Mr Fenton has asked me to point out that he does not himself appear in this photo, which was merely chosen to illustrate the notion of male hippies wearing scarves. Mr Fenton in his photo has a much smaller beard and very long legs in blue cords.


greying pixie said...

I remember reading somewhere as a teenager that in the 1920s ladies would only wear trousers if they were made of silk. It seems rather fitting that the same principle could be applied to gentlemen's scarves. (Add cashmere to the list for a more contemporary note!)

Anonymous said...

Let the Sunshine in! But that is a modern photo, look at the footwear and the eyeglasses frames.

Linda Grant said...

Yes, I was aware of that. There are several things wrong, with the girl on the right. Such as that top being full of lycra.

We were much drooper in those days, in so many respects (except for female upper chest the droopiness of which was the fault of earlier bralessness)

donna AND navaz said...

Oh, I love a man in a scarf. Esp my D in his natty selection of Margiela silks.

Duchesse said...

In my ancestral homeland this is known as letting your freak flag fly.