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Friday, 27 June 2008

About a dress

Regular readers will know my wearying search for new dresses. I had a crushing disappointment yesterday, with a dress I had first seen back in February, and which I believed, on the basis of the press sample I had been shown, to be empire line. It turned out to be a smock.

However, just before I went to Toronto I found in H. Nicks, a very good collection of summer dresses by Nicole Farhi and bought one of them, the downside being that it's linen, and all that that entails. But they must be on sale now.

Above is a shot from the SS08 catwalk show which will give an idea. The one I bought is the shape illustrated above, but actually, a nicer fabric. Quite low cut but a top underneath fixes that.


Anonymous said...

The photo of the dress doesn't come through for me.

metscan said...

I like the print of the cloth on the dress.

Deja Pseu said...

I've given up on finding a dress. Any dress. Everything is either empire waist (which means cut too small in the bust and makes me look pregnant) or smocked (ditto with the preggers) or spaghetti strapped (my braless days were over a few decades ago). I'm starting to think I'm just not a dress person. But I like that one in the picture, especially the pockets!

Toby Wollin said...

Deja - I have only one answer to the 'preggers dress problem" - I sew with vintage patters(or patterns that have a vintage look). At the moment, I'm in the sort of 'jackie o' frame of mind, but there are a lot of vintage patterns out there and as long as you go with your high bust measurement(under the armpits; not the chest measurement), you've got a good shot at getting a dress that looks nice and fits. I don't even bother to shop for dresses now.

indigo16 said...

After a few 'dry' years she has produced a vintage summer collection. I love the fabrics she uses, and the slightly generous cut too.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about this.

Linda, would this cut be considered "empire"?

(photo of a Prada dress on The Sartorialist blog)

Seems like most "empire" these past few seasons (and, the stupid "smock") ride too snug up at the bust. I really like the silhouette of this dress.

-- desertwind

Linda Grant said...

I would say not, because it just has a high tight bodice and a distinct waist, whereas my idea of empire line is that it falls in a single piece of fabric. But whatever suits you is the point. This wouldn't suit me.

journo said...

I adore dresses in the summer, but I refuse to buy expensive ones because of the heat (and Canada has such a short summer, I prefer to spend my money on fall/winter wear). Fortunately, I wear Gap, H&M and RW&Co easily.