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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

101 uses for a scarf

After coming back on an overnight flight from Toronto, I managed a bit of sleep then got a call from Tina Craig, co-proprieter of the the bag-site, Bag Snob.

She was in London on the last day of a Paris-London trip and so I went over to her hotel to drink champagne and then have dinner at Momo and she shows me how she has taken an Hermes clutch and run an Hermes scarf through it to turn it into a shoulder bag. Genius.


jojo said...

WOW sounds interesting.
Any pictures or diagrams?

Hair Extensions said...

It would be really helpful if you could give a lil more on how it was done. It sounds really interesting to experiment on.


Linda Grant said...

As long as the clutch has a fold-over fastening, rather than a top fastening, you simply loop the scarf through the fold, tie it in a knot, close the bag and voila.

Toby Wollin said...

Yep - genius. But scarves can be turned into just an amazing number of other things - hair accessories, a halter top(if it's large enough and not too sheer), belts, etc. It's just amazing.

Tina said...

Hi Linda
It was so fun to drink champagne and dish about bags with you!

Here are photos of the clutch and scarf... and it will work with any clutch! xoxo

Rosaria said...

OMG that pink Hermes scarf is divine. I want one.