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Thursday, 29 May 2008

UK Vogue: The Ageless style issue

Vogue has just biked round the July issue of Vogue which has a piece by me on 1968 fashion, Thatcher chic (apparently) by Mario Testino, a long piece by Lisa Arnmstrong, fashion writer of the Times on how to dress as you get older, a cover shot of Uma Thurman, facing forty with glamour and a piece by editor Alexandra Shulman on her own wardrobe at fifty.

Farewell, I might be some time.


Rollergirl said...

Mmm, the Alex Schulman piece sounds good, will save that for the weekend...

e said...

oooh i can't wait! though here in australia i must wait a tad longer ... sounds fabulous.

Bwca said...

another Australian here,
from memory 1968 British Vogue would have had Pablo & Delia
Celia Birtwell chiffon prints
Tuffin & Foale velvet jeans
Bill Gibb occasion frocks
Zandra of course,
and men in velvet.
'rich hippie' looks, and for the elegant woman
Jean Muir silk-jersey.
I loved getting it in that era and flip through old issues at the "People Are Talking About" page to see photos of people who are Very Big now,
when they were Very Young, full of hope, and wrinkle-free.
The July issue will hit our stands about September of course, but I will read your piece with interest, and a frame-of-reference.

One of the 1968 issues probably had a feature looking back at 1928 fashions, no?