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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Patricia Field for M&S

'Wait till Carrie finds out what she's wearing next'

I wasn't able to make the M&S A/W08 launch yesterday but here's news of it

Marks & Spencers announced today that they have signed a deal with trend-setting Sex and the City stylist, Patricia Field to sell a one-off 35 piece fashion range. This is due to launch mid October and will be available from 10 M&S stores, online and with selected pieces going to a further 50 stores across the U.K and several stores abroad. Of her collaboration with M&S, Field said that she “wanted to be involved with a brand who really understood women of all ages”. This retailer has always lived up to the maxim of ‘being all things to all women’ and in these uncertain times they’re going to have to try as hard as ever to deliver that.

Actual M&S outfit available this Autumn


Rosaria said...

I saw Patricia Field interviewed on morning tele today. Oh yes, she sure has style, albeit rather formidable and OTT for some of us. I've yet to see the movie - I'm only going to see the clothes and accessories, as I hear the plot is flabby and the movie overly long. Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker has over 80 costume changes. I'll need to see it in slow motion, if that's the case. But if I come away with some ab fab styling ideas, it will all have been worth it. And yes, bring on Patricia's range at M&S. Marvellous.

StyleSpy said...

I adore Pat Field -- she's a wackdoodle of the highest order (and I mean that as a compliment) and a completely fearless fashionista. Very sorry I won't be able to get my hands on any of that M&S line.

Kelly said...

While the outfits are fun to watch in SATC, they are usually ridiculous for real life, at least where I live. Oh well, I don't have an M&S here, either.

greying pixie said...

I agree with kelly. The coat in the photo is OK, but would you still love it by the end of winter? To me it looks over designed and rather pedantic - the sort of thing I would expect from a first year fashion student.

I hope this isn't yet another one of M&S's blunders. I still see them as the place to go for good quality basics and I bet I'm not alone in that.

greying pixie said...

And I forgot to say...

I don't know Patricia Field at all, but I am wary of designers who cross between screen and real life; there are very few who get it right. Chanel tried it in the 1930s in Hollywood and was really not successful.

It is not for nothing that costume and fashion design are two completely separate disciplines in design education in the UK.

In a way that is how I see the little coat in the photo - rather too much costume not enough comfortable 'liveable with' fashion.

phyllis said...

I TOTALLY agree with Stylespy; I feel nothing but gratitude for Patrica Field. The La Rue bag she made for The Devil Wears Prada waS simple yet shear genius. I was able to knock it off in dark chocolate lambskin, and it's still a bag that will turn heads every time I use it.

Fashion really needs people like her.

bannicat said...

I hope it works - against the grain of recent celeb-high street lines. Does anyone remember when Autograph first launched in M&S - they had some lovely stuff, including a black wool corsage coat which I still occasionally wear. But then they went all strange with thick wool burnt orange tapered trousers that couldn't look good on anyone (honest). Aside from a couple of flashes of excellence in the Limited Collection over the years, and a lovely cashmere embroidered black dress earlier this year that sold out so quickly, M&S continues to grate - like an old aunt that you feel you should visit, but when you do you come away feeling sorry for (because she is wearing her M&S nylon skirt circa 1986 and never fulfilled her potential).