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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Buchmendel updated

I have been judging a literary prize which has meant that I have had little time for personal reading, and much of what I was obliged to read for the prize was not at all good.

Last weekend at the Du Maurier Festival in Fowey, I shared a platform with the editor of Virago Modern Classics, to mark the list's thirtieth anniversary. She gave me some works unknown to me from that list and I have selected a passage from one of them over at Buchmendel.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I wish I'd read this earlier when I was in town so I could have bought an ET novel! I'm on holiday next week and I was thinking about what book to take, now I've come to the end of - and very much enjoyed - 'The Clothes On Their Backs'. I read ET back in the 70's and it might be nice to read her again. I've got Charlotte Mendelson's 'When We Were Bad' instead so hope it's as good as it looks.