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Thursday, 3 April 2008

How to wear red

Roberta McCain (mother of the candidate), aged 95


Toby Wollin said...

Mrs. McCain is one tough cookie. Her parents are from Texas - her father was a wildcatter. She and her twin sister were born in Muscogee, Oklahoma. Her husband, Sen. McCain's father was a US Navy Admiral, as was Sen. McCain's grandfather, so much was expected of Mrs. McCain as a wife who would need to run the home life while her husband was away. And she wears red, a lot. Good on her.

Anonymous said...

My father lives in a really interesting retirement community, and I've found it very bolstering to see women in their eighties and nineties providing an example of the kind of life I'd like to live and way I'd like to present myself when I get to be that age.

Kelly said...

she looks fantastic for being 95!

Nancy said...

She does look amazing, and her presence on the campaign trail achieves the desired effect of making her son, age 71, look downright boyish by comparison (while assuring voters that he's made of the right genetic stuff).

I always think of that particular hue as "Republican Red," and more specifically, "Nancy Reagan Red." You rarely see a female Democratic public official wearing it. I'm sure that somebody somewhere is writing a thesis on the semiotic shift from red = Communist to red = right-wing patriot.

lagatta à Montréal said...

She does look splendid.

The semiotic shift in "red" is only in the US - and it is an oddity as navy or deep blue is a much more "conservative" colour.

In Europe, blue ties are associated with the right wing, you'll see red ties on the left (talking about men) not just communist but Labour and social-democratic.

Phyllis said...

Too bad I can't vote for for her.