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Wednesday, 2 April 2008


At 4.04 am this morning, this site received its one hundred thousandth visitor.

I started The Thoughtful Dresser at the end of October 2007, not really knowing whether I would keep it up for even a month. It has been a fantastic discipline for me to find something to say or to point out every day (travel and holidays allowing) and a total delight to discover that so many intelligent people are interested, like me, in clothes. I know you come from universities, large corporations, government departments, and embassies. I know you come from every country in the world which has easy access to the internet. I know some of you come from countries where women's lives are severely restricted and for whom sites like this one are the only opportunity to talk and think about clothes.

I have almost never had to moderate comments. You have made superb contributions. Thank you for coming and for making this site what is for me a small but ever fascinating success.

My thanks to all of you.


60 Going On 16 said...

Congratulations Linda. That's quite an achievement. Yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading every day, not least to remind myself that there is a world beyond rural rain and mud. A world where women wear something other than fleeces, anoraks and elastic-waisted skirts.

Toby Wollin said...

Bravo, Linda! I, too, consider this blog a "must do" every single day. Like "60" I am in a spot where people dress poorly and it is always a terrific bracer to come here and get my daily dose of style. Yesterday, I caused a near-riot at the office when I appeared wearing a vintage-80s cream and blue plaid shirtwaist dress. As usual, I received the "going to a job interview?" comments. Considering that what passes for "business clothing" here consists of khaki pants and golf shirts for men and casual pants and knit tops for women, I suppose I should not be surprised. But -- I live vicariously through you!

Phyllis said...

Keep speaking truth to power Linda! Right on.

Deja Pseu said...

Congratulations! Your blog is one of the first I visit daily.

Diane said...

congrats! i love your blog - kind of a different take on just a straight shot of materialism!
keep writing!

bryony said...

more congratulations from yet another who checks in daily! thank you - have just read Clothes on their Backs in one sitting on the beach in Tenerife - a delight!

enc said...

I've been with you since the beginning, and I'm glad. You've done such a good job here, I really enjoy my daily visits.


And thank you for doing it.

Ma Fraser said...

Lynda, I think your blog is a daily must too. For years my money went on paying the mortgage, buying food, kids clothes and shoes etc and there wasn't much to spare. Now I finally have some spare money (till the eldest goes to uni anyway) to spend on myself but find it hard to find decent clothes that I like - or that suit me and what I need for work. Your blog, the links to other articles and the comments of your readers are therefore both interesting and useful.

keep up the good work (all of you).

anne said...

I found your blog some months ago and I keep reading, almost every day. The People in my office are the same as in Toby's comment ;-)
Fashion and style ist nothing to talk about, so I have to come here!

Thank you!

miss cavendish said...

Dear Linda,

I loook forward to visiting your blog, responding to your provocative ideas, and sometimes following up on my own wee blog when I simply can't resist (men in crewnecks, for example).

Thanks so much for linking me as well--it was my first, and I shall always remember the thrill of seeing my site recommended by an established author and journalist.


Miss Cavendish

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Linda.

I love your blog.

-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

Mazal tov, Linda. I, too, read your blog everyday. You're up there with my other two favourites.


Anonymous said...

You are part of my daily reading habit. Must say thank to you for all the wonderful tips and articles you share.

Marti said...

Congratulations Linda! I read your blog every morning while haveing my grapefruit. It is the only blog that I read.

over50notnoticed said...

Great blog - read it everyday - thanks. Actually, you reach two ends of the age spectrum, me in my 50th year and my daughter aged 19 - well done..........united we stand and all that!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your blog daily - congratulations and keep it up!!

Phyllis said...

I need your blog like I need my morning coffee.