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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Today is National No Make-Up Day!

Once you've stopped laughing, here are some prominent women on the subject

Beverley Knight

I don't wear it every day but I really enjoy putting on make-up. If I could use only one product, it would be mascara. My big eyes love it.

Joan Bakewell

I've been wearing make-up for 50 years now. I'd be bereft without my lipstick. I wear orangey-brown shades as I've got rather sallow skin. Make-up isn't hugely important to me but it's always a surprise how much difference it makes.

Susan Greenfield

I carry blusher - the very pale pink kind - with me wherever I go. It's the quickest thing to change how you look and really lightens my face.

Jane Seymour

No matter what I'm doing, I always wear mascara.

Katherine Whitehorn

Make-up for older women is one thing we have over the men - we don't go bald and we can avoid the awful pallor of age. A decent fake tan two or three times a week can stop you looking like a lump of lard hung up for the birds, and concealers deal with those odd brown bits that turn out not to be exploded coffee grounds after all.

Paula Radcliffe

The one piece of make-up I just can't do without is black Lancôme mascara.

Lady Antonia Fraser

I'm like Marie Antoinette - I wear make-up with great pleasure. I've been wearing my nice pink lipstick since I was 16. Back then it it was something by Rimmel called, I think, Pink Plumb Beautiful. If I'm at home writing I'll put on a little. I look depressing without it.

Sheherazade Goldsmith

I use black eyeliner inside both eyelids. I can't live without Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl. It makes my skin glow.

Ann Widdecombe

Goodness me, there's no make-up I simply couldn't live without. When I'm working I wear foundation, lipstick and eye shadow. No mascara. But I couldn't tell you what make or even what colour they are.

Giorgio Armani - Holy Grail


Belle de Ville said...

I'm only so glad when the weekend rolls around and I don't have to go to the office and wear least that is until Saturday night when my wild social life comes into play and the dressing up starts again.
I have lousy skin...and have since I was about 12. I'd love to know why the men in my life have perfect foundation needed. Was it the curse of female hormones? I've got gray hair coming in and wrinkles and I still have acne...thus the need for foundation. I think of this anomaly as god's joke on me!

Anonymous said...

No Make Up Day??? Not on my manor!!!

Anastasia said...

I used to like thinking "What, me? I don't have much make-up!", but the truth that's clogging up the bathroom says I do.
And aside from my husbands nagging that he can't find a spot to put his razor I really don't mind much turning into a make-up junkie. It makes me look and feel better in about five minutes flat - what else can do that?
So, tell me about the Armani foundation - really that good?

Linda Grant said...


I have tried everything. This is the best, though hard to find.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

No can do.

I have to have mascara at least, even on weekends when I'm not going anywhere. And a touch of eyebrow pencil.

Gi said...

Funny enough, I went to work w/o makeup today.

On most days I wear tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss :)

On another note, I went to Zaha Hadid's Chanel Mobile Arts show during my lunch time today. PLEASE GO if any of you have a chance, the show will be in London and other cities!

Toby Wollin said...

Between my eyebrows turning white (what's up with THAT??)and everything else, I have to use makeup just so the top half of my face doesn't disappear. I'd look like Little Orphan Annie with her empty eyes, otherwise.

lagatta à Montréal said...

It sounds kind of early-1970s feminist, but I can't stand when women - and some men, especially in public life - seem to put it on with a trowel. (The current Canadian PM is a particularly egregious example).

When I was in France it was a revelation how little makeup chic but everyday women would wear - but a bit of lipstick and eye makeup was never viewed as "maquillage".

California Dreamer said...

I've been practicing no make-up month since my little shoulder procedure, and I'm finding au naturel a bit trying.

For one event I tried to do my standard application left handed, but eye-make-up and lipstick defeated me, and my daughter had to repair the mess.

I resign myself to beauty deferred. But I do not embrace it.