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Friday, 21 March 2008

Thought for the day

Some ladies think they may, under the privileges of the deshabille, be loose and negligent of their dress in the morning. But be you, from the moment you rise till you go to bed, as cleanly and properly dressed as at at the hours of dinner or tea. Thomas Jefferson


Toby Wollin said...

In our house, clothing has "place" -- robes and pjs are for the bedroom...can make the trip to the bath and back...but I think the only ones who got the privilege of wearing bedclothes downstairs were my children, when small, and on those occasions when they were quite ill but I wanted them snuggled down on the couch so that I could keep an eye on them. Otherwise, everyone gets up, gets dressed in their day clothes and we all get started on the day. My Mum, on the other hand, was a big lounger and used to take her morning coffee in her night things and robe and had quite a collection of nice robes and kimonos that she used all the time; I never got into the habit of it.

lagatta à Montréal said...

I have colleagues who work at home in their pyjamas - I can't get any work done if I'm not in day clothes - no, not getting dressed up as for the office but looking decent enough to answer the door if the post or a messenger should bring something.

We weren't supposed to wear bedclothes outside bedroom or bath either - funny how family habits vary.

Ms Baroque said...

Well, I hate to tell you. I'm reading this in a bathrobe.

Toby Wollin said...

Ah, Ms Baroque - you are forgiven - you are a poet. We never got into the habit because until pretty recently, we raised livestock. It's a bit dicey to milk goats or muck out the pens in a kimono.

Linda Grant said...

I think it's the difference between the slovenly stay-at-home Europeans and the pioneers who crossed the prairies in covered wagons.

I originally posted this wearing pyjama bottoms, a yoga t-shirt and a cashmere cardie.

Ms Baroque said...

Linda, I nearly came back on to make a qualification of that sort! This week in the cold, I've been layering some lovely cotton jogging bottoms from The White Stuff, a little silk slip nightie, and a comfy grandad cardigan.

Needless to say, I have never bought the flannelette pj's with teddy bears or whatever on them in Primark...

Toby, but it's a great image!

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Toby, I think the key is that your Mum had nice lounge things to wear, vs. looking like something the cat dragged in.

I confess, I do lounge about in bed clothes on the weekends. My uniform is typically pj pants in flannel or cotton sheeting, with a coordinating t-shirt. If there's a chill, I throw on a lightweight polarfleece jacket or a cardigan sweater.

I make the pj's though, and have fun with prints. The most current four I've made are retro pin-ups, kung fu girls, flamingoes, and batik cats. Perhaps I choose these types of fabrics because work clothes can be so serious.

However, the pj ensemble is only for the house. Unlike college coeds, for whom pjs are all-purpose clothes appropriate for wearing to class, I don't want to go about in public looking like I just rolled out of bed.