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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Smocks - what are they good for?

I nipped down to Jaeger this morning to try on this top, thinking that I might be in need of a cool loose top on my travels.

Who exactly do smocks suit? Not me, and not most of the Jaeger customers, according to the intelligent and helpful saleswoman. 'Most of our ladies find that smocks make them look quite big,' she said.

I went to Cos and found a rather good navy coat, which I'll be travelling in. Click on the hyperlink and check out their SS08 collection on the video. Cos, for my American readers, is the upmarket arm of H&M, only available in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Ha! And soon we'll have Banana Republic (20 March) and if ever we get Zappos, that'll be the end of those New York shopping weekends.


L said...

Smocks: Good for second-grade girls during art class, universally bad for everyone else.

Phyllis said...

Smocks = Schmatta

Lisa said...

Smocks suit very tall, leggy, slim women with boyish figures. As Peter Ustinov would say, "most annoying."

Judith van Praag said...

I'd go with the Jaguar (thanks Mum), in other words no smock on my bod. Anyway, when traveling to Asia, you can count on finding everything you need right there. Leave home in that good coat, travel light, buy what you need along the way and send your dirty laundry home.

Btw Ms. Grant, I'm going to order all your books, starting with The Clothes on Their Backs and Remind me Who I Am, Again.
What can I say, I relate.

dana said...

Smocks, tunics, whatever, in all the catalogs they make the models look big! **Warning flag**

I like my smocks made of light cotton-rayon jersey because they cling in the right places and seem to smooth over my belly, which still looks preggy, thanks to the former residence of two six and three-quarter pound infants. Thanks, boys.

So if you're already big, tunics are grand. If you're not, perhaps best Avoid.

Anonymous said...

If you've worn smocks before, and I have, in the 70s, the you definitely do not want to wear them again. They make everyone look like a pregnant milkmaid. Perhaps they've come into fashion because so many women have rolls of fat around the middle so believe it is 'flattering'. Quite the reverse. It's like shouting out, Oy! I think I'm fat so I'm going to wear this smock thing to hide my middle!'