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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Floaty with a bit of a jacket

Jess Cartner-Morley in the Guardian today has given the name to the look I have been unconsciously wearing since the summer.

The "feminine" versus "hard-edged" aesthetics have swapped places so many times that no one can quite remember which is more fashion-forward at any particular moment in time. The more strategic element of the fashion show-attending sorority have adopted a new uniform, one in which they can fight on both fronts. We on the Guardian fashion desk have pithily dubbed this look "floaty with a bit of a jacket".

Catchy, huh? As an acronym - FWABOAJ - it veritably trips off the tongue, does it not? But what it lacks in verbal snappiness it makes up for in functionality. It means that whichever way the fashion weather vane swings next, at least half of you will be pointing the right way.

The best thing about FWABOAJ is that it can be cobbled together from pieces you have in your wardrobe already. (I love calling clothes "pieces". It lends my mountain of half-decade-old Mango sale purchases such an air of rarity and refinement, don't you think?

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Phyllis said...

This look is a popular in the States too. A designer named Loes Hines has a boutique in Carmel, California and she is well known for her pared down but feminine look, somewhat like Eileen Fisher except that you don't need to be a stick to wear her designs. All of her pieces from past and present collections coordinate with each other. She also sells sewing patterns which are very popular. Her pattern website is and it gives you a pretty good sense of her look.