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Thursday, 10 January 2008

I'm supposed to look a bit like something that's been left over in the jungle in Vietnam

Where to start to describe this BBC radio interview with Vivienne Westwood in which she describes what she's wearing and then the interviewer asks Vivienne what she thinks of what she's wearing?

'Everything's very literary with me and it's got to have a story . . .'

'My idea of sex is you've got to look important . . .'

'I'm not a women's lib person . . .'

'The more you dress up the better life you have. . .'

'I've never wanted to go around looking like a little girl who's just been raped . . .'

'I guess I've got an image of myself and I dress for the image . . .'

'I'm not interested in people who don't bother . . .'

Make a cup of coffee, settle in and listen. (and thanks to my sister for finding it)


Phyllis said...

Is that Moammar Kadafi? ;o)

lagatta à Montréal said...

When I hear any woman with a career of her own going on about not being a "woman's lib type person", I've heard enough. Unless she really thinks feminists all favour dressing like lumberjacks and are indifferent to interesting clothes...

Without the Pankhurst family, 19th-century US dress reformer Amelia Bloomer and countless other feminists, where would Vivienne Westwood be today?