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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I am expensive


Phyllis said...

Viv rocks! But I feel so bad for the poor girl who took a tumble. I think the shoes were really tippy and the watering can threw her off balance. I hope she didn't get chewed out backstage.

Toby Wollin said...

Yes, let's do discuss that poor model who had the bad luck to draw those awful shoes and took not one, but at least two falls because of it. I saw an article from Too Fat for Fashion where they discussed a group of models in London who had approached the actors union for representation due to just these "workplace safety" issues. Looking at how she went down, I would dare to say that this model ended this show with at least one if not both ankles sprained seriously. If she got proper medical attention and followed her doctor's orders, she spend the next several days with her feet braced (ace bandages or something more strict), raised and with ice on them. Knowing these girls, however, and the pressures they are under, I somehow doubt it. I also doubt that Vivienne Westwood or the model's agency did anything to help this model deal with the pain or the fact that she probably could not work for a while afterward. I realize that from the designer's point of view, what they are doing is "creating fantasy", but I do feel they have an obligation to create their fantasies in a responsible way -- that they do not harm the people who display them on the catwalk.

Deja Pseu said...

Interesting concept, but I found her "I live off the backs of the poor people" (paraphrasing) part of the description a bit bizarre and a bit offensive. (I know, it's Vivienne.) Isn't the fashion industry supposed to at least pretend to care about things like sweatshops and the like?

Yes, and ouch! to that tumble. I also have to wonder if lightheadedness due to lack of food played a part.

Tuffy said...

Awwww! That poor widdow model! You know, we all go along day-to-day, not thinking about the degradation and suffering that go into the clothes on our backs, and all the while models are being subjected to barbaric runway conditions. Let's definitely get busy on these "workplace safety" issues right away.