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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

How not to wear black

Advice from the Times

— If the thought of orange, fuchsia and turquoise scintillating on the rails is one that gives you palpitations (black, black, wherefore art thou, black?), panic not. Dark shades twinned with primary-colour tights or a pair of jewel-hued shoes offer refuge. “If you’re scared of colour, then wear a bright pashmina, beads or choose a colourful handbag,” advises Henderson. One experienced member of the Times fashion team was spotted in a black dress with beacon-like emerald green Marc Jacobs über-wedges: a simple lesson in how vivid block colour can transform a more muted outfit.


Deja Pseu said...

For a few months after reading "What Not to Wear" I stopped wearing black with bright color accents. But that was so limiting, and I love the look of a black-and-white ensemble with a bright color accent, so began breaking that "rule" pretty quickly. In fact, a lot of their rules really went against what I felt was my intrinsic style, so Ta Ta to Trinny and Susanna.

However, the fuscia AND the orange with the black is a bit much. said...

A wonderful "color performance" as Scott would say over on The Sartorialist

cassandra said...

I can't believe a paid writer would use the term 'wherefore art thou' to mean 'where are you'. It annoys me enough when the everyday illiterate says it, but a professional writer!? Rant over.

Meg from The Bargain Queens & All About Appearances said...

Yeah, that outfit is a bit much, but I disagree with the advice from "What Not to Wear" on a lot of color issues, including that one.