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Saturday, 5 January 2008

10 rules for 2008

Such as

6. You can’t go wrong with a trench coat. Actually, you can. Epaulettes, flaps and lots of buttons swamp some women. Just because it's a classic, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

7. Black and navy blue will never do. Another one from the Ark, although I think periwinkle was the hot shade then. Black and navy can look very chic – black tights and certainly black patent shoes toughen up a navy outfit and stop it looking like a uniform.

8. High heels lengthen the legs. True, obviously. But while high is good, higher isn’t always better. When a short woman teeters on stilts, bottom and bosoms set off at weird angles, making her resemble a spiral staircase, the issue of whether her legs have technically become longer is irrelevant.

From Lisa Armstrong at the Times who knows what she's talking about


Toby Wollin said...

My fav:
"Every woman needs a white shirt. Wrong. Only women who look good in a white shirt need one. Some look better in white T-shirts."
This one is the corresponding subtext to "every woman needs a little black dress". Depending on one's skin tone, black and white (they do seem to go together) will look ghastly. Another thing I have found: I looked great in black and white when I was young - but not now. Now, except for the fact that I still have all my teeth and eschew wearing scarves on my head, black makes me look like someone's Romanian grandmother and white is just too awful to contemplate.

Deja Pseu said...

I seem to have made it this far in life without a little black dress and have been able to put something together to feel appropriately attired in just about any situation. I suppose if I could find an LBD that works for me, I'd find occasions to wear it, but I've begun to question its "must have" reputation.

Phyllis said...

Stop it - I love it! Lisa is preaching to the choir but she's so right.

Trench coats - they swamp me like a dingy in a Nor'easter.

But I look great in white shirts and they are a staple for me; I have several, and so I don't feel so bad afterall.