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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Thought for the day

Once it was power that created style. But now high styles come from low places, from people who carve out worlds for themselves in the nether depths, or tainted 'undergrounds.' Tom Wolfe


Deja Pseu said...

I'm so ready for the baggy-pants-worn-below-the-ass trend to be over. Guys, it looks STOOPID. The ladies are not impressed.

Meg from The Bargain Queen & All About Appearances said...

I love that quote, but the truth is that it's nothing new. The same goes with language, as we learned in the linguistics classes I took.

I guess whether you're the prince or the pauper, you're going to get bored with what you see everyday and look for something new.

Thomas said...

That trend will never end - it shows how little they care about their well-cultivated look.

Style tribes - first heard the term in a Douglas Coupland book about the Japanese kids in Vancouver, all of whom are completely amazing. I find it is very apt.

Meg from The Bargain Queen & All About Appearances said...

I agree that it's an awful look, but what I find interesting is not that they don't seem to care about looking "well-cultivated", but rather that they care so much about identifying with those social groups that are identified by the look.

After all, they're not doing it because it makes them look attractive or because it's fashionable in the sense we think of. They're doing it despite that it looks unattractive and that there are social pressure to not dress that way.

Or, one might even stress that they're doing it precisely because there is so much pressure from other groups to not do it. Of course, rebellion isn't all of it. Like I said, they want to identify with *their* group and show camaraderie.

It just goes to show what people will wear to be part of a group -- and by "people", I mean almost every single one of us, including myself. We are all influenced by our social groups.