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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Nextbook Book of the Day

Nextbook, the Jewish literary site, has chosen my 2000 novel, When I Live In Modern Times as its Book of the Day.


Anonymous said...

Linda, wrote you a longish comment yesterday,concerning aging and how I have felt about it. I am somewhat dissapointed that you didn´t publish it nor commented it in any way. Your site has been interesting to read,but your reaction towards my writing might drift us apart.

Linda Grant said...

All comments are published. I haven't deleted any, apart from a couple of commercial plugs.

I do comment briefly on comments, but it's not the intention of this site to comment on every one. It also helps if there is a name because there are many people who post as anonymous and no way of telling who is who. It is easier to engage with a reader when I have an idea of who they are over successive comments.

lagatta said...

Linda (I never know the proper etiquette for these things, whether it is appropriate to call a blogger by his or her first name...) I found three of your books in the catalogue at the Jewish Public Library/Bibliothèque publique juive of Montréal, but they list your date of birth as 1942! (I checked that the book titles were indeed yours, and not the works of a somewhat-older Linda Grant).

That said, congratulations - Nextbook often has very worthy selections.

Linda Grant said...

You get down that library straight away and correct that at ONCE. It's 1951! I never lie about my age.

Laurel said...

I visited your blog when it was mentioned in BagSnob and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Wanting to see more of your work I browsed the online catalog of our local library (San Diego, CA) and found works by two authors named Linda Grant.

Linda Grant (1942) appears to write mysteries. Lots of them. Know nothing more about her. Her work did not seem at all connected to what I saw that first day on your blog so I continued to scroll thru the listings and bumped into titles I could recall from your site with the birth date of 1951 on the accompanying author note.

Yes, you're here, in fashion's hinterland of uggs, crocs, thongs and other blights on the landscape. Not all your titles but we do have two, in the stacks, presumably with a view of the Pacific.