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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Intermission, and an oddity

I am away until the beginning of the second week in January and don't plan to spend too much time in the company of a computer. I'll try to keep you entertained in the meantime with some semi daily delights. Here is the first, in which designers of the 1930s try to predict the fashions of the future


Phyllis said...

You know, the execution is not at all accurate, but several; of the concepts are actually part of modern life: the pocket for a phone (cell phone/iPod access built into clothing) the zip off sleeves (seen in outdoor high performance clothing as opposed to evening wear), the "temperature regulating belt" (used in auto racing.)

However, those cantilevered wedges heels are totally something you'd see on the runway today, and I loved the campy narration.

enc said...
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enc said...

It's uncanny how many of those predictions are part of everyday life now: the cantilevered shoes, men outfitted with phones, sheer dresses, etc.

So cool!

George S said...

Isn't that Ali G?