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Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas lights

I detest Christmas shopping and rarely do it, nonetheless, there is something to be said for hurrying along a London street as night falls, the febrile crowds surging towards the tube station. And on impulse raising your hand to hail an empty taxi, and settling down to watch, as if at the theatre, the city pass by, suddenly illuminated, beautiful.

Cartier on Bond Street

Sloane Square

The rather bizarre lights on Regent Street this year which a taxi driver compared to a model of DNA


Toby Wollin said...

My parents used to take us to NYC at Thanksgiving when I was young and of course, the stores all had their amazing lighted displays out. It was a big treat, though for a Jewish child, a little strange, I always thought.

Morty said...

I am also bored with xmas hulabaloo. Years ago when you had to save for the money to actually get something and there was not lots of stuff in the stores,Christmas was something you really waited for. Nowadays just walk in to a store and pick whatever and hand out your credit card.That´s it. I think the same goes for the xmas decoration.It surely can´t be unnoticed. I did like your picks however.They were actually quite artistic. I believe that less is definitely more.Let´s all leave the jingle jangle stuff in the stores.

tamerlane said...

Maybe the purple lights are to prepare for the Doctor Who Christmas special?