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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Wedding dress made out of toilet paper

This is the winner of a contest for the best wedding dress made out of toilet paper.* I have no idea whether the dress as going to be worn on the actual Big Day (what if it rains? was the sensible point made by English recipients of the email in which I received it.)

I think this toilet paper wedding dress thing comes from American bridal showers. Still, I find something touchingly heroic in the enormous amount of time, patience, ingenuity and imagination given by the contestants to this pointless but almost poetic task, like the baffling hobby, popular in England in the 1950s, of building models of Salisbury cathedral out of used matches.

* with thanks to Susan Paley who sent it to me


Nancy (nanflan) said...

Linda, you're right. There's a game played at wedding showers where a wedding dress is made from toilet tissue in a short period of time. The winning team gets a little prize. As to wear these games come from, who knows? It seems like the same games are played at every bridal shower I've been to.

enc said...

Yes, it's a tawdry game played at showers. I had to concoct one a few years ago, and it was a race against time. I can't remember what the prize was. I felt silly doing it, but was part of the bridal party, so I couldn't NOT do it.

I wish that game would go away.