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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The three-shoe man issue revisited

Following an earlier debate on this site, Off tha cuff, concerned with matters male and footwear writes:

Those that manifest a bond with their footwear seem to fall into two groups. There are those that truly collect, always on a mission to find the next rare edition kicks to tick off their list of personal desire, trawling through piles of deadstock, and who are willing to pay almost any price. Then there are those that recognize the importance of having a fresh pair of shoes in near constant rotation. This second type generally select their styles based on the movements of the industry, always ready to splash the cash on the latest re-issue or new colour way. There is a divide between these two groups, where passion and dedication is often replaced by the fickle nature of trends. Personally, I'm not sure I fall into either of the above categories. I feel I've been around long enough to know which models I like best, and more over, suit my style. I don't care how rare those lo Dunks are, only the hi's make it onto my footwear floor space
This is a picture of his complete shoe collection.

I count 22 pairs


Anonymous said...

Linda...someone asked on the Lanvin post was there ever a couturier who ever specialized and/or catered to petite women. Well it turns out YES....Madame Carven. The House is still open and STILL a couture house today!

Maybe you should do a post on her and the house.


htwollin said...

Brooksie - that was my inquiry. I'll have to look that up.
And, if my eyes are not mistaken, this collection of "shoes" is really a collection of what we call "sneakers" here in the States.
I'm not seeing a proper leather dress shoe in the entire bunch. Does this mean that this man does not have a suit or sportcoat/slacks in his closet?

Linda Grant said...

I can confirm that this man does not have either of those items in his closet. But he is only 23, and an creative type.

htwollin said...

I'd like to suggest that we take up a collection on his behalf and take him "in hand" (as my Mum used to say). A good medium grey suit would allow him all sorts of leeway in terms of shirt and tie color...but then, he'd have to get some proper dark socks and dress shoes to go.
Sigh. Seems almost overwhelming...

Thomas said...

As a man with at least that many shoes, I stand and clap. I've never really gotten into the whole "collectible sneaker" clothing sub-cult, but I can appreciate the dedication.

enc said...

He trumps my guy's collection: 9 pairs.

Five Converse All-Stars
One New Balance trainers
One pair of dress boots
Two pairs of sandals.

OFF THA CUFF said...

In my defence; Off Tha Cuff does own a suit, and also owns 'a proper leather dress shoe'. What is important to understand, is that Off Tha Cuff discusses shoes, and style for that matter, with as much reference to the sense of ones identity and individuality as he does the orientation of its sneaker sub-culture. For a 23 year old, there are only a hand full of occasions where suits and dress shoes are required, at weddings, funerals and at work, required being the operative word, and therefore a symptom of conformity.