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Friday, 9 November 2007

Things I like

Makeup Alley

It would be a nice idea if those of you with hot beauty tips could share them here (that's the comments below, but obviously make up alley, too, because that's what it's for.)


Gina said...

When I first discovered Makeupalley, I was an absolute addict. I spent hours online and hours swapping. It's still where I go for product reviews.

adele said...

I adore Make up Alley....I'll put a correction up here to a comment I put on the Stila shimmer post. My under-foundation favourite is DIORSKIN ICONE ( with a circumflex on the o which I can't do on email. Pedantic? Moi?) in a shade called OO1 TRANSPARENT. It's brilliant. I never buy a thing without perusing MUA's reviews.

jennine said...

that site is deadly.
i've spent a lot of hours browsing around there!