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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Designer lingerie

A male reader of The Thoughtful Dresser emails me to enquire:

. . . when does The Thoughtful Dresser expand into the area of clothing hitherto untraveled: I mean the lingerie department, with detailed analysis and pictures.

And I don't mean the low level common consumer schmattes of Victoria's S. but rather more refined designer stuff.
Happy to oblige with some Donna Karan knickers


Anonymous said...

I saw something rather odd recently. There's a super luxe site called which features designer Jean Yu who sells hand sewn silk undies for like $400 for a pair of panties or a bra, but they didn't even seem sexy to me.

It's the 1st time I've seen any lingerie for this price that's totally devoid of sex appeal, at least where I stand.

Maybe the guy who brought this up can give some insight.

Linda Grant said...

I very much doubt it but I'll ask.

Linda Grant said...

He replies: 'How can one answer a question like that without any visual and tactile information?'